Top Questions

How does Gather work?

Gather app uses your location, and bluetooth information to find people whom you come across in real life, and in places you hangout. It is this concept of Beacons that lets Gather users find each other even in 'no internet' areas such as subways, airplanes, concerts, etc.. Gather takes privacy very seriously, and does not share your data with anyone.

Where can I use Gather?

Everywhere! Gather is fun, addictive, and works better as you keep using it. Enjoy your life today. Gather will notify you when you come across that special someone. Make sure to enable push notifications for the app.

How do I get matches on Gather?

Based on people you meet in real life, and could have met (missed connections), you will start them on your timeline. You can secretly 💚 people you find, and if they 💚 you back, you can chat with them right here! Simple.

Why do I need to Login with Facebook?

Gather app uses Facebook information to quickly create your account, and have you registered for our service. We use only the information you provide us from Facebook, and we do not ever post anything to your Facebook.

Will Gather drain my battery?

Gather app has been optimized by the engineering team to consume very less battery even with bluetooth and location on. In our tests, Gather app (running in the background) consumes no more than 1% over a 12 hour period in real-life situations.

Does Gather ever track my location?

Nope. Gather has been designed from the ground up as a privacy app, and we do not track your location. Your location information is kept in our servers for a very brief interval for finding matches near you, and then it's deleted.

How do I delete my account?

You can contact us from the app via Settings -> Contact Us, and send us a request, and we will delete it for you. Deleting your account permanently removes all your profile information, chats, and missed connections. This action cannot be undone. After deletion, 'Login with Facebook' will create a new account.

Age Restriction

As of now, Gather services are intended for general audiences and are not directed to people under 18. We use your Facebook information to get your birthdate, and if we learn that you or someone under 18 accidentally provided us with personal information, please contact us, and we take steps to remove such information and terminate the account.

Other Questions

We welcome questions, concerns, and feedback about this policy. If you have any suggestions for us, please contact us at